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Our story

Temi & Amaris the founders of Amaris & Chaya.jpg

Welcome to 'Amaris and Chaya,' where diversity and positive self-image are at the heart of everything we create.


I'm Temi, the founder and creative force behind this small business, driven by the desire to provide representation that truly matters.

The journey began with my daughter, Amaris, and a quest for a soft doll that looked like her, a reflection of her beautiful self.

As a black woman and mother, I intimately understand the impact of childhood experiences on identity. I vividly recall the lack of dolls that resembled me, and how that influenced my perception of self-worth. Growing up, I cherished my dolls, yet none of them reflected my own image.

In longing for that representation, I found myself yearning to be someone I wasn't. That experience resonates deeply with me, inspiring my mission to ensure every child, regardless of their skin tone, has a doll that mirrors their unique beauty.


At 'Amaris and Chaya,' we're on a mission to place black, brown, and diverse dolls in the hands of children, fostering imaginative play that transcends boundaries of color. We believe every child should know that they count, regardless of the shade of their skin.

To us, dolls and toys aren't just playthings—they're powerful tools that shape a child's worldview, revealing their thoughts, feelings, and imaginative capacities.

Through these dolls, I aim to empower my daughter, and children everywhere, to see the richness and beauty in their own melanin-enriched skin.


We invite every parent, irrespective of their own background, to recognize the importance of a beloved black doll in a child's collection.

It's a step towards instilling a celebration of diversity, a lesson in cherishing and embracing all shades of life.Join us in this journey of education, of teaching our children to revel in our unique differences.


Explore our diverse range now and be part of a movement that celebrates every beautiful hue.

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