Amaris and Chaya

Amaris (Black) Handmade Fabric Doll - Flower Dress

Amaris doll, is a gorgeous black girl with a rich dark melanin skin tone. She is of African descent and is wearing a black and pink flower patterned dress, with red bows in her dual pony styled hair.

Her hair is made of soft yarn, that can be restyled, braided or even wrapped into 2 buns. The doll comes with hair already in set hairstyle up until the bow.

A perfect companion for any little child.

37cm (14.57inch)

50% soft yarn, 30% fabric and 20% pp cotton filler.

Children under 3 years old should be supervised during play, as the hair can shed.

Care & Love Instruction:
Your Doll is stuffed with with wool (Crochet and Fabric doll) or polyester (Plush doll).
If your doll gets dirty, wash by spot cleaning with a soft cloth and a little wool friendly soap. Make sure to run up and down with the grain of the fabric, or crochet pattern. Rinse well.
You may also give your doll a quick soak in a sink filled with cool water and wool friendly soap. Squeeze out the excess by blotting in a towel, and leave out to dry.

Quick tip: Sunshine is a natural antibacterial, so a little sun time is good for your doll😊