Amaris and Chaya

Plush Ama Handmade Doll

Plush Ama doll, is the plush version of Amaris. She is made from similar fabric as teddy bears. She is a black girl doll, wearing a teal day dress with a bow in the front. Her hair is made up as a top bun with a bow ribbon in the same colour as her dress. Her hair is ideally not meant for re-styling, as it is already in set hairstyle.

A perfect companion for any little child.

37cm including hair(14.57inch)
30cm excluding hair (11.81inch)

100% polyester (includes filler.)

Children under 3 years old should be supervised during play, as the hairstyle can come undone.

Care & Love Instruction:
Your Doll is stuffed with with wool (Crochet and Fabric doll) or polyester (Plush doll).
If your doll gets dirty, wash by spot cleaning with a soft cloth and a little wool friendly soap. Make sure to run up and down with the grain of the fabric, or crochet pattern. Rinse well.
You may also give your doll a quick soak in a sink filled with cool water and wool friendly soap. Squeeze out the excess by blotting in a towel, and leave out to dry.

Quick tip: Sunshine is a natural antibacterial, so a little sun time is good for your doll😊