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Look at my queen @amarisandchaya I don’t think you understand what you bring to women lives who did not see their beauty reflected. As a young girl growing up I suffered silently with colourism, what further impacted this was not seeing anything that resembled me being seen as an object of beauty. I have been on a healing journey, little did I know that a little doll would be part of fixing that void! My inner child thanks you keep up the good work Temi! As a child I was bought white dolls some fat some skinny some pretty some mehhh lol. There was one black dolly at school her name was Hamble I don’t remember playing with her much and of course there was a Gollywog in the toy corner he just made me think of marmalade which at time I hated. This princess has pride of place on my bed back off leyla lol. No happy to share my doll with my own princess who is black beautiful, intelligent and funny as hell


Hi, just to let you know that I found your beautiful dolls at Ally Pally farmers market today and brought home Amaris.  She is absolutely beautiful! I will come back for more as I am even more smitten having seen your story.


Hiiiiiiii, Kyran got some happy post yesterday. RJ arrived. Kyran face was a picture, he has the biggest smile. He has not left RJ since.

AnneMarie J

I’m happy to say my KimiPops loves her new dolls… She was playing with them on and off so I thought I’d film her and managed to catch her introducing Chaya to her Roxy doll.
Had to share to show how much joy your beautiful dolls bring to our beautiful youth… They’ve even had sleepovers in mummy’s bed twice so far… They were too special to hold until Christmas.
Not that I doubt you are but you should be super proud. You’re representing.


Such a cute toy and so beautifully made 😊


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